Friday, January 05, 2007


"Uschi,... that box is pretty deep."

The holidays brought more boxes, than usual, to our home. The boys had a ball investigating their various shapes, sizes, wrappings, and contents.

Uschi likes to sit in/on boxes and just hang out.

"I'm not sure about this box."

But when it gets flipped over,...

Tanji wants in,

and circles, testing the edge,...

then squirms under/into the flipped box,
while U plays with a long lost straw,...

"Where did Tanji go?"

Usch runs around the boxed Tanj.

Soon T exits only to find

an excited Usch stalking him.

U pounces,...

and T loves it.

Finally, Uschi gets some box time,

but keeps an ever watchful eye out for Tanj

who is using another box as cover
for his next T-attack.

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