Friday, January 12, 2007

Snow Angels

Well, so much for it not snowing in the Willamette Valley! Two nights ago, the flakes fell again, and by morning the ground was covered with a thick blanket of snow. The boys were up early sitting in the window gazing out in wonder, with occasional wistful glances back over their shoulders. We were hoping for a "snow day", but ended up with a busy work day and so we didn't get home until well after dark. The boys did get to play with the snow that blew into their kennel, but their meows and meaningful glances at the front door let us know they wanted to go out to play in the winter wonderland. This morning, at the crack of dawn, the boys got their chance!

The view out the door

Heavy snow bends the bamboo to the ground

The pond and bioswale are iced and still.

Branches of the fruit trees are covered in snow.

Both boys gingerly walk onto the snow.

Its cold!!

Uschi finds an oak tree with a clear patch
of ground and tucks underneath...

He's watching Tanj and getting fired up

a quick stretch...

before a run through the snow...

Tanj isn't far behind!

A quick stop for a nibble.

Uschi pauses for a moment,
with his ears back and the moon over his head.
What's wrong Uschi?

A lick of the lips tells us Uschi's done-
its time to go back inside where its warm.

By the time the sun comes up
and sets everything aglow

the boys are back inside eating breakfast.

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GT said...

That's some gorgeous snow and bamboo.
The first three photos, in fact, are pretty gorgeous--been a while since i've seen snow.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the best photo spreads yet! I'm so happy to see the boys enjoying the snow.