Friday, June 30, 2006

Bristle Brush

Uschi LOVES the bristle brush toy

We saw these bristle brush "grooming" arches at one of the many online cat goodie sites and thought "hey they boys might like to rub up against one of these,..." We thought it might be good stimulation and good for their fur so we ordered one. It soon arrived in a priority mail box and as always the boys were eager to help us open it. At first they were more interested in the box and especially the biodegradable packing kernels. They each pulled several out and got them stuck to their tongues, the corn based kernels dissolve in water.

Then once we had the arch together

the boys turned away from the kernels

and ATTACKED the arch

I mean ATTACKED!!!

It was amazing!!

They seemed absolutely intoxicated by it.
They clawed at it, chewed it, and kicked it.

They rolled around on it snorting and puffing.

They went at is so hard, we thought it
might be soaked in cat nip or something
(they haven't had that yet)

I smelled it but to my nose I didn't smell any.

Uschi was a crazy boy

He had his claws and teeth clamped down

while he kicked with his hind feet

Until he collapsed

Tanj gave it a sniff

before pouncing


and chewing it

until it was flattened

and as with any good toy
it just precipitated a good old

kitten wresting match

No toy needed.

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Counter Breach

Just when we say "the boys are not showing any interest in getting on the kitchen counter,..." they prove us wrong. It doesn't seem to have a big draw but the other day Uschi made a few unsuccessful attempts. Then that afternoon Tanj was spotted heading up.

Uschi thinks this is the easiest route

He eyes the path

and gives it a shot, but the angle is too much

Later in the day
Tanj tries the same route

While Uschi watches from a shelf

Tanj leaves Uschi

on the floor

while he explores new territory

in search of

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heated Uschi

Uschi needs attention

Yesterday was 102F+ in the shade, the boys were hiding under the plants in their outdoor kennel to "escape" the heat. We noticed they were panting, while getting flatter and flatter. So, we decided to call them inside and lock the kennel cat door until it cooled off in the evening. Both boys came inside and Tanj started playing with his toys, but as soon as Uschi figured out he was locked in, he was not amused. He paraded around the house in full "Uschi Saunter", occasionally meowing to let us know he was not pleased with our decision. After trying the cat door several times, he walked on his wheel, climbed in his cat window, looked out his porthole in the front door, ripped around on the furniture, then tipped over the Kitty Cat Circus while staring at us and meowing. This is the closest we’ve seen to “bad cat” behavior, and it was pretty cute. To distract the annoyed Uschi, Les broke out the Panic Mouse. At first, as always, Uschi appeared disinterested, but it didn’t take long for him to chase the moving pom-pom, and forget about his hot-day confinement. He went at it until he could no longer stand, then found a sun spot to collapse in and pant.

Uschi wants out

Panic Mouse aproach-ith

The look

Uschi approaches


and is quckly flattened

he bounces back with a left jab

but misses the pom pom

so he goes for the body

but quickly goes down

though getting tired

he battles on

and focuses his final efforts

to flatten the pom pom

That was it

He soon found a sun spot to pant in.

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Red Hot Tanj

When Tanj came in he played with toys but

was soon side tracked
by the red feather wand

He rolled around on the table


and kicking the toy

occasionally getting bits in his mouth.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Big Green Water Snake

On a hot summer day our fearless brothers
spot a big green water snake (Hosi greenii) sunning in the grass

Side by side, they tentatively investigate

It is green, very long and skinny.
It has a bright yellow head
and is hissing a light spray of venom

Uschi jumps on it's back while Tanj watches

The long snake didn't seem phased by
the assault, so,...

Uschi tries a head on attack

This time he feels the snake respond,
with a light spray of water in his face

Seeing this, Tanj keeps his distance

then decides to avoid the head altogether

and meows at the belly of the beast

Mean While,...

Uschi circles back to approch the snake
from another angle

He sneeks up, reaches out a paw,...

and pounces on the big green water snake

Revenge Of The Big Green Water Snake

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