Friday, June 09, 2006

Nap Time

Happy Les and Tanj

Yesterday, I spent a few hours maintaining the trails for the boys to do their outside running. I mowed and mowed and made some new trails to keep them guessing. I even spent time "hunting" blackberries that are sprouting up all over the place. When I got back to the house, I took a stealthy peek inside to see what I could see. What did I spot but Lesley bundled up on the bed with two kittens snuggled down and sprawled out with her. "Darn" I shouted to myself in my mind, the camera was in clear sight on the table behind them. I find it practically impossible to get into or out of the house without waking Les (AKA the cockroach),... and the boys, well forget about that! They hear a noise and usually come running to investigate. So my chances of capturing this on “film” were low, very low.

I set out to do my best Mr. Grinch sneak,... I softly clicked the combination into the exterior door, and then released the tumbler as gently as possible. As the door began to open I quickly put a finger on bolt to stop it from slapping back. I got the door open with no sight or sound of galloping Bengal boys. I tip-toed to the camera, Uschi directed a sleepy eye in my direction; I froze and held my breath. He didn't jump up. I then reversed my actions.

Once back outside I crept to the bed"room" windows,... Our bed is built into a glass peninsula such that one has to climb in from the top which opens to the rest of our one room house. When I got back Uschi was stirring but still had some major sleep in his eyes. He got up and sauntered over to me, but plopped back down at the end of the mattress and sleepily watched me. Les was still out with Tanj snuggled in her arm-pit. I began to click pictures; I was fighting the mirror effect in the windows because it was brighter outside than in, but got a couple.

Les woke with a small jump, no doubt startled by me standing outside the window, and then let me know that Uschi was purring up a storm while staring at me on the other side of the glass. Tanj stirred a bit but resettled in a new position. The rough life of a Bengal kitten continues.

The boys spot me sneeking up to the glass

Uschi "investigates" what dad is doing outside

Tanj resettles

Uschi purring at dad

The nappers begin to wake

Happy nappers

Happy Tanj & Les

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