Saturday, June 17, 2006

Growl Game

Uschi playing with a toy by himself

Tanj loves his toy mice, but they are even better if he can get Uschi to chase after him while he has one in his mouth. If Uschi happens to be playing with a mouse toy, Tanj will show up in short order and take it away. These events are some of their most energetic and certainly the loudest. Tanj growls and squeals whenever Uschi catches him. They roll around, all the while Tanj is howling with a toy in his mouth. Eventually, he escapes Uschi's grasp and takes off ripping across the house. Uschi takes off right on his heels and when he catches him, the loud wresting match continues. Inevitably, Uschi tires out and lays down for a breather, while Tanj continues to roll around playing happily with his toy, hardly out of breath. After a few minutes Tanj will walk over to Uschi, growl and/or bap him on the head a few times with is paw, or drop the toy in front of him, until he re-joins the game. If you didn't know it was a game, you would think they are fighting. It is hysterical to watch and listen to.

Mmmm, this mouse is yummy

This is fun

Tanj's approach is detected

Uschi tries to protect the toy but,...

Tanj takes off with it

Tanj soon came back,...

and rolled around baiting Uschi

Uschi takes the bait and the high pitch growling begins

Tanj sees an opening,...

and gets away

Only to be taken down again,...

and again,...

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