Thursday, June 01, 2006

Panic Mouse

Crazy Cat Attacked By The Panic Mouse

The boys are spending a rainy day inside with the “panic mouse.” Uschi found the toy hidden “out of reach” on top of a dresser and after we moved it to the floor and turned it on, spent hours chasing the pom-pom mouse around. He has figured out how to tip it over and then to drag the whole thing around the room. Tanji is pretty panicked by the panic mouse, and watched from the safety of Les’ lap, took out hostilities on a sock toy, and finally tentatively touched the mouse once the toy was turned off.

Watching the pom-pom

Scared Tanj

Taking out frustrations on the "kick pickle"

Uschi flips the Panic Mouse

Uschi kills the vicious pom-pom

Tanj investigates Uschi's kill

Tanj tentitivly checks to confirm it is dead.

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