Sunday, June 04, 2006

Show Boys Round Two

Relaxing before heading into the show

Tanj and Uschi seemed to rebound quite well after the first day of the cat show. Last night, after a long nap, they were playful and energetic, so we were all back for day #2. We spent a bit of time sitting in the car after the hour drive to the show, and the boys definitely seemed to be ready to go. The first three rounds went really well. Both boys were calmer in the judging cages, posed on the grooming table, and let us carry them everywhere. Uschi earned “best in class” for marbled Bengal kittens in his first two rings. Tanj started off with a fifth but then in ring two won "best in class", "best in division", and "best in breed" (Bengal kittens). With all that he was called back and went up against all of that judges top kittens at the show and won "fifth best all-breed kitten". He even got a little plaque to stick on his show ribbon displaying this honor. Yea Tanj! We were all very proud,... in the next round Uschi got third and Tanj got sixth,... The show was going slower than the day before and a lunch break was called after the third ring. The boys took a nap and got admired by the public. So, when we woke them up after the lunch break, they were a bit grumpy for the last two rings. For them it was game over! Overall the show was a great experience: the boys came out of the experience happy and healthy, we all got to visit with Kelli (their breeder), the boys seemed to get even calmer being handled and caged, and we got to see some gorgeous cats. Hmmm, maybe another show when they are older… ???

Tanj watching the competition arrive

Uschi not too worried about who shows up

Hi mom,... are we all checked in?

Uschi looking big

Tanj warming up

"....and my back stripe goes down to my tail, and..."

Tanj showing his spots

Les and Uschi having fun

Tanj relaxing with a glitter ball during lunch

Uschi wearing down

All done, headed home

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