Friday, June 23, 2006

Time To Chill

The boys have been pretty social over the past few weeks. They have had several visitors, been to the V-E-T, participated in a cat show, and run extensively on the trails. All the while they have been hosting visitors to their blog from all over the world. They needed some time to just relax and put their energy towards growing, after all during sleep is the time when they release most of their growth hormones.

Uschi relaxing on the bed looking out the window

Tanj has a nice nest worked out

Uschi enjoys a late day sun spot

Settling down, just a few more licks

Happy Brothers

Happy Spots and Swirl,...

are just too irresistible

Uschi crashes out wherever he might be

You are getting sleepy,...

Very Sleepy,...

Very sleeeeepyyy

You're asleep

Still asleep

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