Sunday, June 25, 2006

Burning Up The Trails

Uschi leaps Tanj

It has been hot and dry for us the past few days, 90F+. The boys, especially Uschi, seem to overheat very quickly when it is even around 80F. They both start panting and laying down in every shady spot we come across. So, we take it easy, avoid the heat of the day, and/or just keep them inside. They still head to their outside kennel however, and don't seem phased when in there. They hide under the weeds that are growing up and in the shade of the roof overhang while watching and stalking the insects that are enjoying the heat.

Tanj poses

But soon goes,...

and goes

Before finding a mound of dirt to "hide" on

Meerkats explore

and stalk

Uschi turns it on

Only to saunter past the camera

What's with the tail?

There's no stopping Tanj

Or Uschi

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