Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Heated Uschi

Uschi needs attention

Yesterday was 102F+ in the shade, the boys were hiding under the plants in their outdoor kennel to "escape" the heat. We noticed they were panting, while getting flatter and flatter. So, we decided to call them inside and lock the kennel cat door until it cooled off in the evening. Both boys came inside and Tanj started playing with his toys, but as soon as Uschi figured out he was locked in, he was not amused. He paraded around the house in full "Uschi Saunter", occasionally meowing to let us know he was not pleased with our decision. After trying the cat door several times, he walked on his wheel, climbed in his cat window, looked out his porthole in the front door, ripped around on the furniture, then tipped over the Kitty Cat Circus while staring at us and meowing. This is the closest we’ve seen to “bad cat” behavior, and it was pretty cute. To distract the annoyed Uschi, Les broke out the Panic Mouse. At first, as always, Uschi appeared disinterested, but it didn’t take long for him to chase the moving pom-pom, and forget about his hot-day confinement. He went at it until he could no longer stand, then found a sun spot to collapse in and pant.

Uschi wants out

Panic Mouse aproach-ith

The look

Uschi approaches


and is quckly flattened

he bounces back with a left jab

but misses the pom pom

so he goes for the body

but quickly goes down

though getting tired

he battles on

and focuses his final efforts

to flatten the pom pom

That was it

He soon found a sun spot to pant in.

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