Monday, June 30, 2008

Artful Tanji Paper

One of the many arriving boxes had a long
piece of "butcher paper" as packing materials.

Happy Tanji hides,

from feathers,

Crazy eyed Tanji.

Ready to jump through the "hoop."

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Boys

Whenever we are outside around the house,
and the boys realize it, they rush out into their kennel
to let us know that we forgot them. They get on the perch
that offers the best view and yelling angle to us.

They love to be on their perch and get pets
through the plastic deer fence.

Hi dad,...

you can pet us,...

Focus on meeeeee,....

Uschi felt crowded by Vladi,...

Dad, I'm down here now, DAAAAAD,....

look at meeee, Daaaad,...

All the "boys" having fun outside.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Opening The Windows

The weather has been nicer, so we have been
opening the windows. The bathroom window that opens into
the boys kennel is a favorite because we don't have a
screen on it,... so they jump in and out all day.

Tanji climbed up on top of the window,...

then thought he made a mistake in judgment.

Ummm, a little help here.

Hello, is anyone in there,... ?

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Friday, June 27, 2008

Uschi Pickle

Uschi has been very kitten-like lately, and he often attacks the kick-pickle toy for no apparent reason. Maybe he is imagining that it is Vladi waking him up for lickies, or Tanji waking him up to wrestle. Or maybe he is picturing me or Les not letting him chase birdies outside. Whatever the reason, Uschi loves to pickle...

"What's this? Did that pickle just look at me funny?"


Uschi is kicking the pickle like crazy
with his powerful back feet.
Kick, kick, kick.

What'cha got Uschi?

"Mine, all mine!"

"I love my pickle!"

All of this pickling has tired Uschi out.

Time for a nap with his buddy.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's Going On Here?

Until about a month ago, the boys did not sleep together. Then Vladi decided that he wanted more attention. He has perfected the technique of plopping down in front of Tanji or Uschi, and putting his head under their mouth for licking...

"Lickies, please!"

Tanji can't resist the dirty little ear...

Vladi's yummy neck...

There must be a dirty spot on the chin too.

Back to the top of the head...

Both boys seem to be having a good time!

Uschi makes a noise nearby...

Tanj and Vlad stop to see what Uschi is up to...

They look this way...

Then that way.

Everything seems O.K., so...

It's time for a bit of wrestling.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vladi Stepping Out

Vladi accelerates,...

Breaks into stride,... and

shows the form.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 39th birthday.

I had a good day. I watered some trees, mowed, weed-whacked
took some students on a campus field trip, opened gifts, had
cake, went for a bike ride, and soaked in the tub.

When I came in from the yard, Lesley had a special Safeway
cake for me. Their bakery is pretty good,... they made me a
carrot cake sheet cake, (atypical cake type for a sheet) and
put the construction toys on it.

Lesley said they were all excited when she picked it up,
because it was a bit unique for them, and also we frequently
get baked goods from them, so they were
excited for me to get the cake.

Vladi checks out the shaved dark chocolate ("dirt")

Toy removal, its Cake Time!!!

Ooooo toys.

My mother "found" a box of toys out in the barn and decided
I should have my tractor, so it was shipped across the country.
(The toys were stored securely to preserve them)
This fully articulating International tractor logged many
hours in the dirt pile in the back yard 35+ years ago.

Like father like son.

Several weeks ago I placed an order for some
fancy Zipp Vuka bike components for my Calfee,
luck would have it that they arrived today.

Uschi enjoys the finer things,...

Yes Uschi, bow to the the Vuka's

Tanji tentatively checks out the new bars.

Soon however,
the wrapping paper takes center stage, as

Vladi dove under the paper,...


Uschi jumped on top.

Now this is a good gift !!!

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