Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tomato Garden

We have never had a truly successful vegetable garden.

When we lived in apartments we tried growing tomatoes in pots
on the patio,... I think we got one tomato and one pepper.

At our first house, we went for it and the Veggi-garden
was growing well. Then we decided to sell the house,
we moved so quickly we never got to harvest the tomatoes.

The next year we planted 100+ tomato plants out in the field,
but we didn't have a way to efficiently water them. They were
un-protected and soon got completely over grown
with grasses and dried up.

Last year
we planted a bunch, we had water and a nice tilled area,...
but our winds are so strong that they got pummeled. They produced
but really struggled and the weeds also took over.

This year, we are trying again, so we moved the tomato site a bit closer to the house and the oak grove, a bit more sheltered to the north and west. The winds are still crazy strong so I put a wind screen (construction site fence) up to block some of the gale.

The north and west sides are protected.

Uschi spotted the new addition first,

How do I get in there,... ?

Fine, I'll play in the extra tomato cages.

Vladi joins the inspection.

U inspects the grass clippings covered landscape fabric.

Tanji arrives,...

What is this ??

Hmmmm, this is interesting.

T & U enjoy the garden, V is off

to climb a tree.

T & U patrol the perimeter, V is in the distance.

Okay, I'm back.

The winds have been intense, but the plants are not getting
wind damaged. However, it has been cold (40s) and cloudy. So, we
have been putting plastic over the cages at night.

Even so,

U is excited,

this year we are going to get some T-maters.

Wooo Hooo

The outlook is good.

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