Friday, June 20, 2008


We've got an entire "herd" of Acorn WoodPeckers,
living in the oak grove. When we first purchased the property
we only had a few birds, but we have been diligently working
to improve the wildlife habitat. We have also been feeding
the birds, including peanuts for the wood peckers.

A few years ago a pair showed up. Each year their family
grows larger, we now have at least six that are our "locals"
and a hand full of "aliens" who try to move in on the
feeders, but the locals chase them away.

Within one minute of putting our peanuts, more like 10 seconds,
the "peckies" swoop from the oaks. Back and forth they fly.
This really excites and scares the Bengal brothers, and the rest
of the birds, because nothing messes with the "peckies."


Heyyyy, what have you got ?

I want some of what your having.

It is getting a little crowded on the feeder.

One "peckie" is off to store a peanut.

Uschi is delusional.

The sun is setting, so it is time
to leave the birdies alone.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh ! lucky you . . and the boyz... peckies are such fun to watch. hope they keep returning. fun for all.