Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We decided to look for an outside lounge chair to go with our
two lawn chairs, one of which I hit with the tractor so it
has short legs
, and picnic table. We hit the stores
around town and ended up at H.D.

I liked this lounger, it was the last one/promo unit (on sale),
it is very wide, pretty long, and semi-comfortable,
I added a pad to make it better.

Lesley calls it the Mark-O-Lounger.

Aaahhh soaking up "warm" June rays
(Wearing overalls, two polar fleece coats, and a hat)

Hi baby cat

Isn't this comfortable?

There goes Uschi

Go get him V,...

Vladi is off.

But is soon back,...

I smell dad,...

Ooooo, the sun is nice.

T & V enjoy the lounger.

Stretchy Tanji.

Later, I'm back,...

My turn, baby cat.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn the finer points of lounging, ask a cat!