Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Is it My Birthday Yet?

Vladi will be one year old in just two days. Its hard to believe the little cutie has been home with us for almost nine months! Even though he is the kitten, Vladi has been the most independent of the three boys. Vladi typically seeks us out three times a day: in bed as soon as we stir in the morning (Vladi's breakfast time), late afternoon (Vladi's walkies and dinner time), and right before we go to bed (Vladi's play time). Each of these times, Vladi arrives purring, kneading, and tail-wagging like a real mush. The rest of the day, he sleeps deep in the closet or plays in the kennel. Tanji is always in visual range, Uschi is always in hollering range, and Vladi is off doing his own thing.

That is, until the last few weeks. Maybe Vladi has found out about his surprise birthday party, or maybe he is starting to act like a young adult. Whatever the reason, instead of sleeping in the afternoon by himself, he is showing up to sleep with whoever will have him. First it was napping with Les, then Vladi set his sights on napping with his big brothers. The brothers NEVER sleep together anymore...
or do they? ...

Vladi slowly creeps up on a sleeping Uschi and

leans in for a nap.

Uschi's eyes begin to open. Usually Uschi would hiss and run away
but Vladi holds very still, so Uschi goes back to sleep.

Vladi carefully lays down.

Don't get too excited little guy!

Vladi's awake, but happily curled up with his Uschi.

Later, the boys are back together...

Uschi looks like he is ready to leave, so
Les starts brushing him.

Uschi starts licking his Vladi ...

Oooh, that's a good spot! Vladi has a big smile.

Uschi has a big smile too.

This must be what Vladi wants for his birthday!

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Daisy said...

I can hardly believe that Vladi is almost one whole year old!

emiliethestrange said...

I'll save my greeting on Vladi's special day :D.

Unknown said...

What a sweet photo story!

meemsnyc said...

Happy early birthday Vladi!