Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday, December 30, 2011

Just Add Water

Uschi has a special feature. Well, he has many special features, this is just one of them. When he gets wet from a trip outside or excessive licking, his fur gets super-wavy.

Its cute as can be and he likes you to pay special attention to these highlights.

There he is, in all his glory.

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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Summer Uoo On The Wellhouse

Hiii, did you see me?

Is someone coming?

Okay this is boring,...


Reaching for the ground,...

Off onto a new adventure.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Summer Snow

Lesley has been busy supplying our T, U, & V Adventure fixes by
posting the winter holiday blogs over the past few weeks as I have been
traveling then we both abandon the boys for our own Vegas adventure,...

Today will be some bright summer archived Vladi pictures.

Here comes the V-man,...

Stretching out,

Nice form,...

Looks like braking has commenced.

V is funny, he regularly stops on a dime then spins around,...

with a bunch of Vladi-taili-tude.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

More Christmas Fun

Christmas is time for plenty of hugs and
gifts to unwrap and play with.

What did Grandmeow get us boys?

(at least with close supervision)

And shirts to wear while hugging...


Did I get anything?

Oooh, a paper cave...

...and more ribbon!
Totally spoiled kittens, just the way we like them.

Les is styling in her new winter wear.

What do you think Uschi?

Usch is already fast asleep under "his" new wrapping paper.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Part II

Even though we had been away for a few days, the boys
had been taken care of by someone they knew (thanks Evan!),
so they were in high spirits when we arrived home...

C'mon, its time for presents from Grandmeow!

I've got this one!

Opening boxes is serious business.

Ribbon, please.

Poor Vladi always gets decorated.

There better be something for me.

Perfect, this is mine!

Uschi's best present is some time with his Daaaaddddd
(he's giving me a loving look).

Look Vladi, this one has your name on it!

Its not just the boys having fun.

If this is a tube top, I think its too big.

Yes, very funny.

A gift tag makes the perfect sized toy...

...So does a scrap of wrapping paper.
We have "Elf" playing in the background.
In Las Vegas we watched Miracle of 34th Street
and Its a Wonderful Life.

All of the Christmas excitement has degenerated into a wrestling match.

The boys are getting tired, its been a big day.

We'll save the presents from their other Grandmeow for later.

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Christmas Part I

We started Christmas yesterday in Las Vegas (Part I) and ended the day back home with the boys (Part II). Last year we visited Vegas earlier in December, but this year we decided to see what the town was like Christmas Eve and Christmas day...

We joined the "Winter in Venice" festivities at the Palazzo
watching Christmas movies and eating lots of holiday goodies.

It was fun to be around a lot of families celebrating the holidays
and surreal to gift shop on Christmas day.

Of course there were a lot of reminders of the boys back home...



...and Vladi.

But after a few days of festivities, we were eager to be back
to celebrate Christmas evening with the boys.

More on that in Christmas part II >:-)

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