Friday, December 23, 2011

Squeaky Toy

Look Uschi, its a gift from Grand-Meow, a new toy!
(Hope he doesn't notice its for dogs)

Interesting, very interesting...

But I don't get it.

It turns out this is a squeaky toy. We give it a squeeze...

...and Uschi has retreated to the other side of the room.

...and Vladi is crying from the safety of his perch.

Tanji on the other hand will not let anything mess with his Uschi,
and is standing on his hind legs to investigate.

I've got this, Uschi.

Are you sure this is for us?

We put it back on the floor and Tanji checks it out up close.

I think we're all clear here.

Uschi takes his turn checking out the intruder.

Vladi is perfectly satisfied to let his big brothers handle things.

Hmmm, they still look stressed, this present needs to
head to the toy bin until everyone is a bit calmer.

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1 comment:

mcat said...

h'mmm -- maybe it needs a bit of catnip treatment -- in the bag w/ some fresh leaves ?? good luck -- max cat