Saturday, September 30, 2006

Car Ride Chatter

It has been a while since we have blogged about the boys in the car. These pictures are from a few weeks ago when we went for a drive. They were pretty good, Tanj was more talkative than Uschi on this trip.

T & U visit the front.

The boys let us know things are passing by.

Uschi,... look at that,...

Mooommm,.... did you see that?


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Friday, September 29, 2006

Cat Door

The boys absolutely love banging in and out of the house through their cat door. The door opens directly into their outside kennel and is only unlocked during the day, so they are even safer. The door is a Staywall with four way locking and a magnetized latching mechanism. When I installed the door, I dismantled the magnetized mechanism since we did not plan on having the boys wear a collar, which would have held the magnet. The door was easy to install, using my Rotozip rotary saw, I had it installed in about 30 minutes. When the boys first arrived home with us we had to train them how to use the door because they hadn't spent much time outside and they also have to push a bit on the door to get it to move then they need to be aware that the hard plastic flap is going to shut behind them and catch their tail if they aren't careful. It took them all of about one day to figure it out. Now,... the door is a big game,...

Bang, bang,... they go out,... Bang, Bang they come in,.... repeat, repeat, repeat. Both stalk each other's entrance and both also block the door when the other is attempting to come in. For example, Tanji regularly pushes against the door from the inside when Uschi is trying to come back in, we are pretty sure he is doing this on purpose. >;-)

Uschi stalks Tanj,
who is thinking twice about coming in,...

Tanj sits on the step outside.

Traffic jam,...

Tanji,... TANJ,...
You better not be stalking me!

Tanj looks out during the day,...

and night.

Uschi pushes open the door,

and squeezes through.

Tanj pops out,...

and comes back with muddy feet.

Uschi checks to see if Tanj is awaiting his arrival.

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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cat-Nip Watering

Lesley planted a patch of catnip for the boys, before they arrived home with us. This patch steadily grew and grew under a set of bird feeders, good placement(?). A few months ago the boys found the patch and visit it regularly for a little nibble on their way home. Tanji in particular is attracted to it. When we are on our final stretch home, from the West side of the property. Uschi typically takes off, zooming down the trail, then he jumps onto the picnic table that is located by the house at the end/beginning of this trail. Tanji however, sprints down the trail after Uschi then takes a sharp 90 degree turn before the picnic table and heads directly to the catnip. He mostly just munches on the leggy stems.

The other night the boys were investigating the catnip and we decided to give it a watering. Of course the sound of running water didn't scare away the boys.

mmmm, dry catnip stem,...

Tanji plays in the spray, while,...

Uschi calmly watches the water,

and admires its droplets.


Tanj runs around the edge of the spray pattern.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hole Hunter

Oops, how did my paw get in there??

Tanji is a professional "hole hunter," and with large numbers of moles and voles, we have a LOT of holes! The whole family will be out for a walk, and Tanj will suddenly plop down on the ground with one leg deep in a hole, up to chest level. He is in hole heaven. So far, his hunting attempts have been unsuccessful, but we suspect he really just likes to dig in dirt and mud.

Tanj spots a new hole,
freshly dug by a mole...

A little sniff with the snout,
but nothing comes out...

The paw goes in with a swoosh,
the excitement attracts Usch...

Who also inspects the hole,
freshly dug by the mole.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random Pictures III

Tanji relaxes in his cat-cup.

Today's blog will be collection of random pictures that have been building up. The pictures are ones that we liked and complement some of the "story line" blogs already posted, but didn't seem to build a story in themselves.

Interest in the vacuum cleaner.

Uschi investigates a new tarp.

Boys will be boys,...
They love to get under Lesley's skirts.

Tanji leaps out of the tall grass,

then springs after Uschi.

One day someone was Baaad!!

Tanj investigates the edge of the Oak grove,

and also under the dresser,
to retrieve a glitterball or toy mouse, no doubt,

before stalking the Da-Bird.

Uschi checks out the kitchen counter,
from the bathroom.

I want out of this crazy house,...

fine with me,...
Get the tape mom, this box is ready to go.

Uschi licks his chops.

Tanj stalks Uschi.

Na, Na,... Uschi,...

I'm not listening to you Tanj.

Then both boys retire onto the clean towels.

Random Pictures II

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Tanji On The Towels

Tanji loves to sleep on the clean towels in the bathroom. He regularly comes in from his outside kennel and heads directly into the bathroom. We hear the clank of him jumping onto the back of the toilet, then silence for hours.

Bath time on the towels,

All Clean now,...

Tanj snuggles down.

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