Friday, September 15, 2006

Tree "Climbing"

Uschi looks for a good climbing tree.

While outside, the boys sometimes jump into our small trees to test their tree "climbing" skills. It is pretty cute b/c their tree skills aren't that strong. They typically don't get any higher than their initial jump. After a short hang, they look for a way out.

Tanj checks out a Eucalyptus tree,

then decides to rip off a piece of bark.

Uschi samples the bark also, before

lauching up a little plum tree.

Tanj tries an ash,

Uschi just plays with the lowest branches,

before finding success on a cedar.

Tanj makes good progress in a small pine,

then looks for the ground.

Uschi finds a tree he can manage,...

I can make it to the top of this one,...

Hey that isn't fair,...

I'm winning.

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Anonymous said...

This is by far the best Bengal cat blog I have seen yet - very entertaining, very insightful, and great pictures! Your cats are stunning! I have two Bengals of my own, and they are a delight, never ceasing to entertain us.