Sunday, September 03, 2006


Ferdinand in all of his glory!

Yesterday we came home with a bouquet of flowers from a wedding (way to go B & E!). Both Tanj and Uschi have a history of sniffing flowers, so it was no surprise that they quickly showed up to investigate...

Flowers? For us?

Uschi examines the bouquet closely and...

moves in for a sniff.
Not to be outdone, Tanj...

takes a sniff too!
They must have smelled good because both boys

traveled around the bouquet sniffing different flowers.

Uschi was very focused on his sniffing...

and gazed at a favorite flower longingly.

Tanj shopped around for his favorite

and seemed to settle for a dahlia.

Both boys rested by the flowers

keeping an eye on their new find.

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