Saturday, September 23, 2006

Cherry Tree Climbing

The sky was stormy, after 4+ months of no rain, but I had just picked-up a new mowing toy. A rough cut mower (brush-hog) that has its own engine so I can simply pull it behind my Elec-Trak to mow the brush, blackberries, and 3+ ft tall grass. I just haaaad to go out and play with the new toy, even though the grass had just got rained on. I headed out and mowed the East fruit orchard. After finishing up, back inside I strolled, only to find the boys ready to head out, so we did. Straight to the newly mowed area they went.

They seemed to have a ball running in the freshly cut area of wet grass. I think the moisture also softens up the grass and ground so it might feel better on their pads. In this orchard there is one of their favorite climbing trees, a cherry. After a bit of running and chasing they headed to the tree for some climbing.

Uschi found the tree first,

and took a bit of the bark,

then headed up,

to sniff a leaf,

before looking for the ground.

Tanji soon arrived,

and showed off his climbing skills,

he really dug in and went for it.

While Uschi merrily munched
on some remaining tall grass.


Uschi wanted another climb,

but Tanj was still hanging tough.

Finally, Tanj returned to Earth,

and Uschi climbed a little more.

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