Saturday, September 16, 2006

Pom Pom Boy

Yeah!!! Pom Pom

Uschi loves his Panic Mouse pom pom, Tanji, not so much. We only bring it out occasionally because we end up chasing Uschi around the house, as he drags it behind him. Then we have to put the batteries back in because he flips it over so hard that the bottom battery door pops open, I guess we could put a piece of duct tape over it,...

The Panic Mouse comes out of hiding.

Uschi attacks the pom pom,

catches it,...

and takes off across the house
with the Panic Mouse in tow.

We retrieve the toy and

Uschi shows off his

well developed eye paw coordination,

even so, he gets a good grip,

and saunters off with his prey.

Repeat the retrieval.

The pom pom whirls over his head,

crazy cat bats the pom pom,

pounces on it, and

rips the pom pom from the base,

and runs off with his pom pom prey.

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Anonymous said...

Your blog site is so cleverly and artistically done - this is great! I found your blog site last night, left a comment, and came back today to visit again, and also looked at more of your previous archived posts today. I am enjoying the pictures with captions so much, I will continue to come back, knowing you will have something new to look at! Also, Leslie is very good with her art - she should try to sell her pictures (if she has not already done so). - Debra, in Indianapolis

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Debra, Thanks for visiting, exploring our archives, and for your positive comments. We are so happy you are enjoying the blog. We are having a total ball with the boys and the blog.

Lesley has attempted to sell some of her paintings on E-Bay but got no bids,... Luckily, we like having them around the house and office, it is nice having the bright colors.