Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Random Pictures III

Tanji relaxes in his cat-cup.

Today's blog will be collection of random pictures that have been building up. The pictures are ones that we liked and complement some of the "story line" blogs already posted, but didn't seem to build a story in themselves.

Interest in the vacuum cleaner.

Uschi investigates a new tarp.

Boys will be boys,...
They love to get under Lesley's skirts.

Tanji leaps out of the tall grass,

then springs after Uschi.

One day someone was Baaad!!

Tanj investigates the edge of the Oak grove,

and also under the dresser,
to retrieve a glitterball or toy mouse, no doubt,

before stalking the Da-Bird.

Uschi checks out the kitchen counter,
from the bathroom.

I want out of this crazy house,...

fine with me,...
Get the tape mom, this box is ready to go.

Uschi licks his chops.

Tanj stalks Uschi.

Na, Na,... Uschi,...

I'm not listening to you Tanj.

Then both boys retire onto the clean towels.

Random Pictures II

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