Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cat-Nip Watering

Lesley planted a patch of catnip for the boys, before they arrived home with us. This patch steadily grew and grew under a set of bird feeders, good placement(?). A few months ago the boys found the patch and visit it regularly for a little nibble on their way home. Tanji in particular is attracted to it. When we are on our final stretch home, from the West side of the property. Uschi typically takes off, zooming down the trail, then he jumps onto the picnic table that is located by the house at the end/beginning of this trail. Tanji however, sprints down the trail after Uschi then takes a sharp 90 degree turn before the picnic table and heads directly to the catnip. He mostly just munches on the leggy stems.

The other night the boys were investigating the catnip and we decided to give it a watering. Of course the sound of running water didn't scare away the boys.

mmmm, dry catnip stem,...

Tanji plays in the spray, while,...

Uschi calmly watches the water,

and admires its droplets.


Tanj runs around the edge of the spray pattern.

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