Tuesday, September 05, 2006

FIRM Believers

Lesley has cycled on and off with her interest in The FIRM© exercise program through the years, but first became addicted to this high quality full body weights/aerobics series back in 1991 when she checked a tape out from the South Bend, IN. public library. We have come a long way (geographically, etc.) since then, and she now owns 60+ of the videos (ranging from the original series to the more recent full-body routines), she also has the original wood steps (all of them), a full progression of dumbbells and leg weight, etc.

This time around the boys are on the scene.
They "help" her get through the routines.

Uschi takes up a vantage point on the "tall box",

while Tanji inspects her towel.

Tanji gets into the routine, while

Uschi looks on.

Tanji works into a full body burn.

Then takes up his "Buddha" position,

to cool-down.

After watching the end of the video,

the boys collapse on the sectional.

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