Thursday, September 07, 2006


Did we write that Uschi is becoming a super mush, of course we did,... >;-) When we first met him, he was social. He hung around with us but regularly just out of reach. He would occasionally fall asleep next to Lesley and like his pets but typically he would get up and walk a few steps away then plop back down when we tried to pet him. He still does the walking a few steps away thing, but much more regularly goes into a complete mushy-fit when being pet. He rolls around on his back kneading the air, purring up a storm, repeatedly calling out with soft meows, and staring longingly with moouschi eyes.

Hiiii, Uschi's ready for pets,

heres my belly,...

that's it dad,

okayy you can pet my ear,

that's the spot,... don't stop now.

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1 comment:

emiliethestrange said...

Uschi really enjoyed it.