Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tall Grass

The boys love their daily outside "walks". It is to the point that they know (control?) the schedule, currently ~7pm is outside time. The boys will be totally asleep, and apparently not interested in "out-time" for the day. Then right at 7pm they both wake-up and start following us around, walking over to the door, and laying in the entry hall. Just a subtle hint. When outside they like to run on the trails then leap into the tall brown-dry grass. They disappear into it, with just their tails, grass motion, occasional leaps, or the sound of meows/yelps, giving away their location. After some off trail time, they come right back on the trail and run up a little way before leap off again to explore.

Uschi ponders the tall grass.

A last glimpse of Tanji,

Uschi reappears briefly.

Where is Tanji?

I think I see an Uschi,...

Tanj eye-spots.

Tanj watches Uschi,

Uschi watches Tanj.

Tanj rips out of the tall grass.

Uschi leaps for a blade of tall grass.

Hi dad,... I like the tall grass.

Please don't mow it all down,...

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Anonymous said...

most incredible mothion pictures !
of cat and grasses. i am so impressed,as always.
and want you to know i check the Boyz out all the time. they are a big part of my day.
thank you for all the time and effort
that goes into this blog. know you are watched ( : even if you don't get comments.


Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...


Thanks for "watching" and commenting. We are having a ball with the boyz and with the blog so the efforts are minimal. >;-) We hope you continue to enjoy our postings. Lavs