Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goldfinch Visitor

The American Goldfinches are back.
Last year we had a little guy that was determined to get into the
house, but that wasn't a big deal, the boys were not with us yet.
This year, there is another one (same male?) trying to get in,
but now he is attracting the attention of the boys,
who are well trained in the art of feathers.

That looks like a nice house,... may I come inside?

Tanj is ready to "greet" the bird.

We'll let you inside.

Birdie, just relax.

Thats a goooood birdieeee.

Where did you go?

Uschi listens for the visitor to return.

Welcome back.

The boys have a great view of the bird feeders.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Tree Pruning

Uschi inspects his eucalyptus tree.

This ash seems pretty sound,...

I'll check the branches on this white oak.

This oak deserves a closer look.

The lower branches need some attention.

I've got it, chomp,...

Dad's going to be happy, one less
branch to look-out for when mowing.

One down, a million to go.

Now, if he would just teach me to drive this,
I could really help out around here.

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Tanjiro & The Pom-Pom

Tanj is always ready for action.
After catching his big vole the other day,
he came inside and got a hold of a fuzzy pom-pom
and treated it like the prey we took from him.

Tanj,... how about this ?

Thanks mom.

Nooo, this is Uschi's pom-pom.



I see you,



get back here.

Nice belly spots.


Too Fast for the camera.


I like this pom-pom

It makes me smile.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Leaping For Buggies

Fit looking Uschi enjoys chasing flying insects.
He leaps and leaps.

Unfortunately, I had the D80 set on "A" (f/22),
I thought I had it on "S" (1/1250+), so the
shutter speed was too slow to freeze the rest of these shots.
But I liked the poses, so they will make our blog photo album.

Uschi focuses,

and leaps,




Blog Addition - 3-29-07 - 20:36
I just came in from a walk with the boys, during which I captured
this sequence that belongs with this blog, so I'm adding it in now.
I was using a Nikkor 105mm Micro, 1/2000, ISO 1600, ~25ft away.

He's got it in his sights.

Uschi goes after an insect.

He almost catches it,

His eyes are on it.

This is a blow up of the previous picture,
you can see the insect, too cool.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Herding Cat

Tanjiro is a moma's boy, totally tuned into Lesley.
He follows her around, weaving around her legs, running after
her when she heads any place in the house. He was raised with
a herding dog (Lexi), and we think he imprinted
some of those behaviors.

I was out in the field with the boys and
T spotted Lesley coming out to join us.
He ran about 300 feet in a dead out sprint to greet her.

I caught this sequence while Lesley attempted
to walk out to meet up with Uschi and me. I just kept
holding down the shutter button taking sequences.

Hi mom,...

Which way are we going ?

This way or that way ?

I see the leash, hiiiii.

You could pet me,...

No picking up,...

I'll follow you anywhere.

Oooo baby, leash.

I'll attack your leg if you don't pet me,...

Hiii, mooommmm.

Now this is more like it.

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