Friday, March 02, 2007

Wrestle Mania III

The boys are always wrestling
and running around the house.

Typically, it starts as nice licking which rapidly moves to quiet wrestling then Tanj gets totally worked up and rapidly escalates things. Soon it is an all out running, banging, screaming, growling, hissing battle. Uschi is the one that gets chased around most of the time. He hisses and yells all the way with Tanj tracking him closely and jumping on him. At first this is funny and we think they are enjoying themselves, however, after about 5 minutes of these awful sounds coming out of Uschi we start to question our logic and feel the need to help Uschi out,... so we discourage Tanji's efforts. Both boys know what we are doing, Tanj quickly backs off and Uschi seems all happy. Then, a little while later we notice that Uschi is taunting Tanj. He wiggles on his back, and/or chirps at him, and/or seductively waves his tail at Tanj, who is doing his best to "be good." Soon, however, if Tanj doesn't take the bait, Uschi will pounce on Tanj. When Uschi becomes the aggressor, things are different. Tanj doesn't hiss much at him but yelps his little pitiful sounding high pitched squeals.


Take down.

Watch it,..!

I'm outta' here !

Uschi, get back here!


Whaaat,... ?!!
He likes this,...

I'll try to calm down,

in the window with my fluff tail.

Soon the Uschi wiggle is on,...

Ohh Nooo, Pooor meee


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