Sunday, March 25, 2007


We finally activated a "land" phone-line and DSL service in the "Strawbale Shack." We were holding onto our old phone # for years with our cell phone, the phone company wouldn't "port" the #, but we finally decided we wanted internet access at home more than our old #. Of course, no project is straight forward in this slightly "askew" dwelling. First I had to run new phone line from outside, then rewire the phone jacks, then install a new phone/DSL box and jacks, then the wireless router with the cable to the DSL modem, and finally a new outlet to power the phone, DSL modem and router. It all took a little "finagling," but the boys were very helpful.

Daaaad, what are you doing in the attic ?

I think he needs our help.

I'm coming up dad.

Look out Uschi,
I'm coming back down.

Look out T, we are coming back down.

What are you doing?

Tanji, I don't know.

I'll hold the ladder for you.

This time I'm going up first.

I'm ready to help.

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