Monday, March 26, 2007

Frosty Spring Sunrise

On the first day of spring, I woke early to the sounds of the Tanj-Uschi alarm clock. The boys were running around the house yelling and growling. I decided to take them for an early morning run, as the weather has been nice. The sun was just coming up over the Cascade mountains but it was still pretty dark. As we got outside, we all stopped in our tracks because the dew covered grass was instead frost covered. After some sniffing of the fresh crisp morning air we got moving and headed out into the field.

What is this ?

We are not sure,....

Its a bit cold out here.

Tanj looks to the sun for warmth,

while Uschi warms his back.

Hey Uschi,...

my head is in a hole.

Is it warmer over there ?


That's enough out time !!
We're ready to go in, out of this 17 degree air.

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LZ said...

The colors a breathtaking in those photos! Gorgeous photos.

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks, the light was just right, on that cold, very clear still morning. The frost gave nice contrast and also caught the light nicely. I was just along for the adventure.