Saturday, March 31, 2007

Goldfinch Visitor

The American Goldfinches are back.
Last year we had a little guy that was determined to get into the
house, but that wasn't a big deal, the boys were not with us yet.
This year, there is another one (same male?) trying to get in,
but now he is attracting the attention of the boys,
who are well trained in the art of feathers.

That looks like a nice house,... may I come inside?

Tanj is ready to "greet" the bird.

We'll let you inside.

Birdie, just relax.

Thats a goooood birdieeee.

Where did you go?

Uschi listens for the visitor to return.

Welcome back.

The boys have a great view of the bird feeders.

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Emma's Kat said...

What an awesome view! Little birdie is just adorable, but he better be careful, lol!

Daisy said...

Yes, birdie, just relax and come on inside. You will have fun. I promise!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful little yellow fev-ver guy! we'd love to welcome him into our home also. those are great pictures.

Anonymous said...

we were just catching up on your previous posts that we had missed - all your pictures are excellent and you two are very athletic. quite impressive!

Just Ducky said...

My birdies don't want to come into the house. But my goldfinches stay around all winter. Mum is nice and puts out lots of food for them. Soon she needs to put out the nesting stuff.

Boy said...

Pwease give some tips on how to get birdies into your house!
Mine always fwy off when I want to make fwiends with them!

Mr. Hendrix said...

oooo nice yellow mommy has 8 birdfeeders right outside where I can see them from my window. The little birdies never want to come in and play....I can't imagine why....