Sunday, April 01, 2007

Under The Shed

Our little shed is a favorite place for the boys to investigate when outside. We don't like them heading under there because who knows what is lurking in the darkness, and I know there are a bunch of pipes, old wood with nails, etc.

Uschi slips under from the South.

Tanji heads under from the North.

This is fun,...

Tanji bathes out of the rain,

While keeping an eye on me, standing in the rain.

I wonder where the boys are ?

Over the past two weeks Tanji has gotten stuck under there three times, with his leash wrapped around pipes. This means I have to crawl under as far as I can and wiggle pipes until he is free, at this point he is freaked out. So, I moved the lattice down, to block the space.

What is this ?

This isn't funny !!

Daaaad, I can't get under the shed,...

Fine,... I'll look for another place to play.

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1 comment:

Emma's Kat said...

Well boys, in this case I have to agree w/mom. Better safe than sorry. You two certainly don't want to get any boo boos under the shed, right?!