Monday, April 02, 2007


For some reason, Lesley's "speed-drill" cones all of a sudden
caught the attention of the boys. The orange cones have
been in the living room for months but never received a glance.

Grrrrrr, this cone thingy is cool.

Hey look, I can get my head inside it.

Me too.

Of course, any good toy can be enhanced
with the addition of other toys,
the boys are true multitaskers.

Foam balls are typically "boooringggg",...

but inside a cone

they are new and exciting.

Yeah, foam ball.

How did feathers get in there ?!

I'll get them out !!

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Daisy said...

Hahahah! Look at the coneheads! That looks like fun.

Karen Jo said...

The boys are certainly having fun with those cones.

LZ said...

They look like great fun!!


Emma's Kat said...

You coneheads, errrrr...kitties are too cute! Looks like you had a blast!

Anonymous said...

those cones look like tricky fun!
I love foam balls!