Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Uschi's Not Limited

My eyes look green sometimes too,

but I'm not limited to just green,
like some others.

My silky smooth glittered fur

is not limited to simply pesky spots,...
I've got tri-colored "stained glass window" swirls.

When I'm in the sun,
my slightly longer fur makes me hot,

but my back stripe is second to none.

There has been much blogging about Tanji's speed,
but I sometimes out smart him
with complex maneuvers, and

show him the pads of my feet, because

I'm almost as fast, and

I'm not worried about getting muddy.

Unlike my brother,
I'm not limited to running to and fro,

I enjoy sitting quietly

while enjoying my yard.

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Unknown said...

Simply beautiful!!! You guys looking for girlfriends???

Emma's Kat said...

Uschi, no worries! I definately think you are just as handsome, fast and agile as your brother. And I also think the ladycat's love a mancat who isn't afraid to get a little dirty. ;)