Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

In researching the origins of Easter, we learned that Easter festivities pre-date Christianity, as a "salute to spring." Celebrations of a “re-birth,” are documented as far back as ancient Greece. The word "Easter" seems to be related to “Eastre,” the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, for which an annual vernal equinox festival was held.

The Easter Bunny, or Easter Hare (hares and rabbits are not synonymous taxonomically), is a symbol of fertility because they often have frequent multiple births. The Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass. The goal is to find the brightly decorated eggs, hidden during the night.

Decorating Easter eggs is a world-wide phenomenon. Many cultures hard-boil the eggs prior to decorating the shells and some remove the contents and decorate hollow shells. The coloring of the prepared egg shells ranges from monochromatic coloration to highly detailed works of art.

Dolley Madison, the wife of the fourth American President, organized the first USA egg roll, rolling eggs down the hill at the capitol building, in the early 19th century. This tradition has continued at the White House, ever since 1878.

The family headed outside to see if the
aster Bunny had left any eggs to find.

This basket is empty.

Hey, there's a pink one,...

Uschi has a small horde of eggs, but

a yellow one tries to get away.

Tanj finds a stray blue egg,...

Mommm, what is in the egg I found ?

I found one in a tree,...

Yeah!!! It has a buggy in it.

I found another one,...

Uschi chases down a rowdy green egg.

After a tough day of chasing eggs,

the boys sample some
strawberry-rhubarb "Easter" pie.


playing over a bowl of jelly beans.

Mmmmmm, I like Easter.

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Daisy said...

Oh wow! What a great Easter you are having. That egg hunt looks fun. And thanks for sharing the information about Easter, it was interesting!

Anonymous said...

you found the ladybug toy!!!!! that is the bestest toy ever! it squeeks at you when you play with it!

you guys look like you are having a fabulous time! your mom is a FANTASTIC photographer!

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

Thanks we are having a ball, the boys had a great time hunting for and rolling eggs.

All of our adventures are a team effort. The boys work hard finding adventures to enjoy, "Mom" does the paintings, and "dad" does most of the photography and blogging.

Boy said...

Wow! You guys seem to be having weawwy gweat fun!