Sunday, September 30, 2007

Vladimir Leaps

Vladimir was leaping and ripping all over the place so I first tempted him with some long blades of dry grass then ran inside and grabbed a feather wand.

Vladi rises out of the grass.

Oooo grass

Feet down, baby.

Nice stretch.

Ooo just missed it.

Nice paw stretch.

That's how you get those feet down.


I will swat you,...



through the air.

Re-focused on a flying buggy.

I know this toy,...

Get back here,...

Nice body control.


Another flying buggy,

and a final parting shot.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Vladi & Uschi Together, At Last.

Come on Uschi! Be nice to meee.

Good boy Uschi !!

Happy V-man

I noticed

U & V sleeping in the travel carrier.

WOW !! This is a big day !!
to our knowledge neither T nor U have
slept with V by their side.

Happy Vladi

"Quiet Dad,... don't wake Uschi."

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Friday, September 28, 2007

An Eye On Uschi

Uschi felt a little left out yesterday,
so today he gets his own blog.

Uschi stares,

into the setting sun,

relaxing while watching,

Tanji run.

What a big smile.

goes for a run, quickly

disappearing into tall grass.

Then he goes for a jog on some green grass,

before watching the brown grass,

and gazing into his eucalyptus.


Uschi stands in a bin,

then relaxes on the dresser.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Tanji

We've got lots of pictures of Tanj & Uschi "back-logged" from before Vladimir joined our family. V's adventures have been hogging all the blog space, so today will be a loooong blog of random Tanjiro pictures that didn't make it into past "story-line" blogs but we liked and wanted to keep around.

Come onnnnnn !

Lets go for a walk.

T and Les look over the fence.

Tanji stalks

and watches

a bird


grass is fun to chase.

No one said anything about petting.

Where did Tanji go ?

I'm still here,...

watching the bird feeder,...
(from the tall grass)

now from a little closer.

I'm a good Tanji, I'll just sit quietly.

Enough sitting.

Time for more stalking.

Back inside it is time for toys !


Tanj gets up for HIS red feathers,

and flops,... before

showing his speed.

Then it is time for

a nap.

Why is this towel on me ?

Handsome Tanjiro.

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