Thursday, September 20, 2007

T&V Go To The V-E-T

Guess where Tanji is!

It was time for Vladi's booster vaccines, so it was our first time taking little Vladi to the V-E-T. We were going to take both of his brothers too, but they have gotten so big, that would be too much cat-mass in the carrier. So, we decided to take Tanj along because he has lost some patches of fur around his head and neck area (you may have seen it in previous blogs). It started right before we brought Vladi home (so we can't blame the little cutie), about a month after his yearly vaccine booster. The hair loss seems to have slowed, there has been no sign of redness, and the hair is growing back, but we wanted our vet to take a look just to be sure he is O.K. So it was off to the V-E-T...

Tanj gingerly heads to the front seat,
his last car trip was to the vet so he
knows what is going down...

Vladi wants to see where we're going. He is so
excited: scared and adventurous at the same time.

At first there is a lot of squawking and confusion...

But then the boys settle a bit to help me drive.

Tanj and Vlad both like the armrest between the front seats,
but Tanj has dibs on this spot, so Vladi settles for the "neckrest."

This is the best place...

to give driving directions.

We have arrived, and Vladi watches Tanj slink to the floor,
hmmmmm, somethings up.

Usually the boys wait in the car while Les checks them in,
but its hot and appointments often run late, so we put the boys
into the carrier to sit in the waiting room...

A little nervous dog rushes by,
and the boys aren't too sure about this.

We head into the examination room, open the carrier, and

Vladi rushes out to start exploring.

Tanji tries to make himself as small as possible
under the examination table.

What's the matter Tanj, this place is great!

We hear the vet's voice outside the back door to the room...

Vladi is eagerly waiting to say "Hi"
(we had to scoop him out of the way)...

Tanji's eyes widen, and he starts slithering like
an anaconda under the counter.

Vladi goes first, and he charms everybody. He even
attracts a crowd of vets and technicians at one point, who
coo over him as he got weighed in the back room (4.25 pounds).
His heartrate was an excited kitten-pace of 200 bpm and
even though he winced a little when he got his FVRCP
booster shot, he held still like a little champion.

Dr. PK noticed that Vladi's belly was a little bloated and
recommended Pyrantel dewormer to complement the Panacur
he had already received. It was banana flavored,
and Vladi drank it, no problem.

We knew Vladi had not used the car litter box before the exam
and had gotten pretty worked up on the trip (Sure enough,
later when we got home, Vladi made it to his favorite litter box
just in time, and his belly shrank back down quite a bit).
The vet also asked if we named him Vladimir because of
the "V" on his back, we had to admit that we hadn't seen the "V."

Now it was Tanji's turn...

Tanji is trying to get out the front door,
and Vladi is ready for more attention.

After examining Tanji's little bald patches, our vet
did not see signs of fleas, mites, or fungus, and thought it
could have been a reaction to the vaccine, but we decided
to go for a fungal culture to rule our ringworm since we
work around a lot of students and get exposed all the time.

The vet leaves to get the soft toothbrush and plate
to create the culture...

Vladi tries to get Tanji to play.

Tanji is not budging, but is a good boy when
the vet rubs his skin gently and makes the culture.

Its time to go home!

Tanji basks in the sun, he knows its all over.

Time to get comfy...

and enjoy the ride.

Vladi is talking up a storm...

This tough little leopard took on the V-E-T and won!

Bug-eyed-V is excited and ready for more action.

The boys share notes on their adventure.

We arrive home and Uschi is waiting...

Where have you been?
Why does this kennel smell like dog??
What's been happening???

(Don't worry Uschi, you get to keep little Vladi
company for his rabies shot in two weeks!)

Uschi keeps a close eye on us as we update Vladi's paperwork.

Tanj heads under the ottoman for a nap,

and Vladi heads to a sunny spot in the window.

Vladi looks happy to be home.

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Anonymous said...

LOVED the picture of Vladi giving driving directions!! Good one by the photog!!! LOL

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that little Vladi isn't scared of the vet yet. How cool that he has a V on his back!

Daisy said...

Vladi was very, very brave!

Anonymous said...

Poor Tanji, he was really trying to do the disappearing kitty act. "You can't see me, you can't see me, I am not here....." His face expressions say it all.
Vladi was very brave and was so sweet to comforted Tanji. What a good brother. I wonder what Uschi thought about being home alone?
Great pictures,
Kintaro, Tessa and Abby