Sunday, September 23, 2007

Happy Autumnal Equinox

Happy Fall Equinox. Today at 9:51am GMT the earth was oriented, due to its tilt on its axis, in such a way that the sun appears directly over the equator. This orientation occurs on two days each year, resulting in an equal length day and night everywhere on earth. These days are known as the fall (autumnal, September, southward, Virgo, or first point of Libra) equinoxes (equal, night) and spring (vernal, March, northward, Pisces, or first point of Aries).

In the northern hemisphere we celebrate the September equinox as the first day of Fall and typically, experiencing shortening days, cooler temperatures, the southward migration of birds is well underway, and deciduous trees lose their leaves.

"fall foliage"

The sunflower patch is dying back.
(the birds have eaten all the seeds)

The boys went for their evening walk.

Tanji and Uschi set out on their own paths

Tanji likes to run and stalk the trails
(Lesley goes with him)

Uschi's a blur, on a crisp fall day
preferring to sit and watch vermin holes.

For Vladimir, it is all new, so he spends

some time running, and


Of course plenty of time showing off how

handsome he is.

I'm Cute !!!

I like to stare at the sun.

What is going on over there ?

Hiiiiiii !!

Tanji ! ? !

The sun is going down over the Coastal Mountains.

It is time to head back inside.

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Black Cat said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful cats and pictures. You folk are so talented:)

Karen Jo said...

Happy Equinox to you, too. The boys are certainly enjoying it. I love the drawing of them playing in a pile of leaves. Vladi is cute.