Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vladi's Window Cat Tree

Vladi seems to be bolder than T&U were when we brought them home. We think that this may be because he was "upstairs" with a herd of kittens for several weeks before he came home and also that he is naturally out-going. He is fearless and has figured out things that took the big boys days to get. The window cat tree was no problem for the V-man.

What do you want ?

Undaunted, Sr. Vladimir

shot right up.

Uschi can't resist a peek.

U&V have reached a truce of sorts,
and Uschi leaves to take his mid-morning
to early-evening nap.

Vladi starts climbing

to the top
and came right back down.

he watched birds

and relaxed.

When feathers were waved

he attacked

and attacked

and attacked.

Then of course

he napped.

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1 comment:

Karen Jo said...

Vladi is a great little climber. I love the way his tail is sticking straight up his back as he climbs.