Monday, September 03, 2007

Vladi Arrives Home

Vladi rests after a LONG day!

This is the last of our trilogy of blogs today: Vladi coming home.

Since we left the Seattle area bright and early yesterday, we got home in the early afternoon. Although the long ride was behind us and it felt good to have Vladi safely delivered home, we knew the real drama was about to unfold. Living in our one-room house, it was going to be impossible to hide the secret from Tanj and Usch that their little half-brother was in the house. We wanted to make sure Vladi was as settled as possible so he did not develop the "bad belly" that kittens can get. We sat in the car and gave Vladi a little water (which he splashed around with his foot, just like his mom), and knew he was calmed down because he looked very interested in a scrub jay that was near the car. We gathered up his carrier, litterbox, bed, and bag of kitten goodies and headed inside. We had hoped T&U would be sleeping and we could sneak Vladi into the bathroom and let him run around little before they saw him, but Vladi was singing loudly and both boys woke up...

Vladi happily left his carrier, and began exploring his "room."


Uschi decided to investigate the meowing, while
Tanj held back, letting his brave Uschi go first.

Uschi took on full menacing cat posture, we've never seen anything
like it, he was totally fluffy and his muscles were stiff and
he made a terrible rumbling growl...

Uschi was probably expecting to intimidate this little newcomer,
we were sure impressed and close at hand ready to intervene, but

Vladi responded by fluffing and hissing, and stood his ground.
(Vladi is in the fore ground so he looks a lot bigger than he is compared to Uschi)

He is one bold little kitten!

Uschi seemed surprised and slowly slunk away
all ruffled up...

and Tanj dove under the ottoman.

We watched, kind of surprised to see the
big boys frightened off.

Vladi advanced forward, wanting to investigate his new home
and all of its toys, and of course play with his new friends.

Oh boy, I know this toy, its awesome!

Uschi took out his frustrations on the wheel...

and watched Vladi with an angry look from what
he thought was a high safe location.

But Vladi is a natural adventurer, so...

Uschi retreated to his entrance hall and hid behind our shoe bins.

Tanj let us all know what he was feeling.
(This would have been more impressive if he hadn't been hiding)

I tried to make peace between them...

"I don't remember asking for a baby brother!"

Later, Tanj got closer but was still wary...

Hey, that's my mommy

Hey ! I'm staring at you !!!

All seemed to be going alright so I went for a short bike ride
to loosen up the body after the 9hrs of driving.
I came in to find,...

Tanj, Lesley, and Vladi all spread out asleep.

I'm cute, how can they resist me?
(Tanj glaring in the shadows)

Uschi was totally displeased, even while napping.

T&U felt calm enough to go outside for their evening walk

as Vladi slept with me inside.

When Les brought the big boys back inside, we put V
in the bathroom so T&U could re-explore their house.

Uschi got scared when he mistakened
an approaching Tanj for Vladi.

He tried to run away on the wheel,
going so fast, hard, and long that he was panting.

I'm supposed to be the #1 kitten!

Tanj lurked outside in his kennel.

Vladi was having the time of his life in the bathroom.
Oh boy, a window of my own!

He LOVES the bathtub and the small amount of
fresh water we usually keep in there for Tanj & Usch.

The fake fur pad is perfect for making biscuits (kneading)...

Thank-you for my room!!

We decided that T&U were WAY too nervous
to have Vladi in the living/bedroom,
and we didn't want to leave Vladi alone on
his first night away from his siblings,

so Les decided to stay with Vladi in the bathroom,
and I'm keeping T&U company.

Hopefully everyone will calm down over the
next several days, as we continue to let T&U meet V
in small supervised doses.
Let the games begin!

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Anonymous said...

what a great trilogy posting! That picture of tanji being upset under the couch is amazing!

I recently went through a very similar meeting of cat minds in limited living space without the luxury of isolation. At first they couldn't even look at each other without growling, even across the room, but each day they would be willing to be a little closer to the other. Took a solid week of cold war cat stand off before they'd get within touching distance, but their kitten playful sides won out and after another week of rough housing with occaisional stand offs, they have accepted each other. In fact, they've grown to be best friends.

I hope Tanji and Uschi can learn to love Vladi, I can't wait to see how this turns out for you guys, though I don't envy the sleep you might be losing those first few weeks.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

What a treat -- one last check of the new guy and there they were : NEW pictures of the introduction. You've captured all the emotions on all sides. Now the fun begins. Thank you for that 3rd post ! Hope Les doesn't have to move into the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Hope Mom is ok from sleeping on floor. Looks like Vlad can hold his own. When we introduced Abby to Kintaro and Tessa, things went much the same way. No separate room was availible for her and in 3 days the hissing had ease up with a few exceptions. At first Abby was the one doing most of the hissing. Now they are best buds. Games of wrestling and tag are the favorites. She has neve been afraid of anything, including our 2 big dogs.
Thanks for the update,
Kinny, Tessa and Abby

Starbuck and Torrey said...

WELCOME VLADIMIR!!!! How exciting! And fantastic blogs! He is definitely a mush! Sleeping in the car on the way home! Now that is perfection. Good luck with the introductions! I'm sure they will be best of friends within no time!

I'll be checking back often!!!

P.S. What does to leave a 'biscuit' mean?

Daisy said...

Oh, little Valdi is a very brave little kitten. It sounds like the introduction went as well as can be expected, and things should get better and better as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

Can I say it seems like yesterday you two were announcing the new baby? So sweet.

We got Thelonius (theo) Monk from the same breeder as you and found theo to be the most personable, people-friendly cat right out of the gate!

Admission time. Even before I read the comments I save the mad tanji picture. It is truly astonishing and as always, so well framed. :o)

Thanks for sharing guyz.