Thursday, September 06, 2007

Getting Closer

Are you still here??

The boys have been together for three days, and there are signs that Vladi and Tanj are warming up to each other. Uschi occasionally looks around for Vladi, but mostly rotates between his wheel, food dish, litter box, and bed of coats.

Tanj and Vlad size each other up.

Vladi is getting warmed up...

So is Tanji

Bet you can't,...

catch me, Tanj!

Tanj follows Vladi into the catcoon,
but then quickly runs out to his kennel.

A stray box provides a bit of cover

and a place to nap.

I see you!

Tanji has some issues.

Uschi is doing so much "escaping" on his wheel,
he's going to be very fit.

Brave Uschi looks for Vladi
(he's between the bins on the shelf above)

A truce is called when Vladi uses the litter box.

Vladi spent the day "stalking" Tanj,
trying to get close to him.

Look at my belly, I'm harmless!

A little sniff...

and a gentle touch too.

Uschi investigates what is going on.

This may have gone further, but there
was a knock on the door and all separated.

Vladi hears voices outside and starts
wagging his tail like a little puppy.

Vladi peeks out the window into the kennel too...
"Hey, there are more toys out there!"

Time to help unpack groceries...

Every kitten likes a paper bag.

This corn is mighty tasty too.

A late-night encounter in the window and...

Tanj bats at Vladi with "mitten paws."

Tanji takes a nap.

Vladi curls up with a favorite fur toy.

Another day and we are getting closer to a truce!

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Daisy said...

It looks to me like things are going great with the threesome! You have made a lot of progress in just a few short days.

Anonymous said...

Progress is looking great! Another couple days and I'd say a cake to celebrate they older boys accepting Vladi is in order!

Emma's Kat said...

So great that everyone is getting along so good! Lots of new adventures and fun to come!

emiliethestrange said...

this is cool.Vladi is putting his best foot forward to make friends to the boys one at the time.

i've been all your post since i landed on this blog and moving forward :D