Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Making Progress

The boys are making a lot of progress!
Tanji and Vladi seem the most interested in each other,
while Uschi only gets off his wheel occasionally, but he is in
much better spirits. Tanji is being real good,... he visits
in small doses, getting closer and closer, then takes
a break in his kennel to yell and howl, but comes right back.

Hey! Those are my toys!

I'm just being cute.

I like to play with these red feathers.

Those are mine also.

Vladi is putting up with a lot,
and seems to be fine with it.
(we are giving everyone a bunch of praise and support)

Tanji approaches for a closer look.

That is pretty good Tanji, take a break.

Why won't you play with me?

Where did he go?
You better not be,...

in my litter box !

Uschi joins the "fun"

Not too close.

Uschi headed to the closet for a nap.

Later Vladi was playing on
the window cat tree, and

Tanji sniffed his tail,

when Vladi looked to see who was down there

Tanji got scared.

The feather wand helped him relax

and get a little closer.

Vladi wants the big boys to like him so much,...

he slowly inched up behind a sleeping Tanji.

gave a little sniff, then closed his eyes.

Tanji woke with a big hiss and growl,

Vladi retreated to the window cat tree for a nap.

I'm sorry, you scared me.

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Anonymous said...

What a brave little boy Vladi is! Good to hear you're making progress.

Emma's Kat said...

The boys definately seem to be making good progress since Vladi's been home! They'll be romping and chasing each other in no time. Love the puff tails and now how Vladi's trying his best to get the boys to play with him. He is gonna be one gorgeous boy, just like his new brothers, Tanji and Uschi! Can't wait to see him all grown up. But I'm sure you wish he would stay a kitten. They're so darn cute at Vladi's age!

Anonymous said...

They are going to be playing by next week. I can't wait to see it!
Keep the pictures coming.
-Kitten Mom in Texas

Anonymous said...

The big boys are caught by your camera in such expressive poses and with such faces! I can almost hear the hisses and growls. I agree with lapleopard...little Vladi is so brave! I'm totally loving the pictorials you're providing us, and the captions, too. Anxious to see how it all progresses.

And as always, your cats (now including Vladi dear) are absolutely beautiful.