Saturday, September 22, 2007

Uschi Moves Out

This is my new room.

Uschi thinks he needs his own room(s). He has recently taken up residence in the entry hallway, staking it out as his own personal room. His wheel is right inside the house from the entry so it is a short commute to his gym, and recently he had an axillary litter-box in the entry hall and has even had food and water delivered to him in the hallway. His special perks are starting to be taken away as Vladimir has become accepted as part of the Bengal pack. So, the other day when I put our tent up in the yard to dry out after an overnighter in the high desert, Uschi thought this was his opportunity for his own house. He was walking around on top of the overturned preformed pond when the tent caught his eyes,...

He lept, and ran to the tent.

What is this ?

This looks good,...

U kept circling the tent,...

looking for a way in,...

Helloooo !?

It smells good in there,...

I see blankets to curl up in.

Tanji cruised by but Uschi fended him off.

I took out all of the blankets and

Uschi explored the potential new space.

Eventually, he decided it wasn't comfy
enough to meet his expectations, so he looked for
another adventure, and

bounded into the tall grass.

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Daisy said...

That leaping shot is awesome!

emiliethestrange said...

very good shot.