Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Inside Cats

 Our week of snow and freezing temperatures was beautiful,
but the boys have developed an aversion to chilly excursions.

 Tanji is lurking in a blanket cave, bathed in filtered sun-light.
He looks a little traumatized by it all.

 Vladi and Uschi are taking turns in the sunbeams.
The house is around 74 degrees, but apparently that is
barely warm enough for these newly minted "inside cats."

 All this heat must be mushing kitty brains, U is nuzzling V.

 Since V is a bit stinky, U can't stop from licking.

 This is MUCH better than being cold outside.

Uschi as the oldest (by at least a few minutes) has made
an executive decision: we are staying in today.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Too Much Snow

Vladi looks calm and poised close up.

But he's stranded on top of the fireball,
surrounded by an acre of chilly snow.

 Come get me...NOW!

 V is tired of waiting.

 A beautiful stretch to the ground.

 Man this is cold!

 I'm outta here!

 V is stunning against the sparkly snow.

 The snow is Vladi-leg deep here.

 He's taking the shortest route to get home.

 V's shadow looks like it has wings.

 There better be a can of fancy feast waiting at home.

Vladi running directly at him caused Uschi to run away
from the house, full speed.

 Now HE'S stuck out in the snow.

 Uschi is scampering home as fast as he can.

 He decides to take a short cut too.

 Oh no, that's a deep patch.

 Uschi rallies and soars above the snow.


This may be the last day the boys fall for the
"snow is fun" ploy, they like warm paws.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still Snowy

We still have snow and have had snow days at school, so
we have been eager to take the boys out and explore.

We saddled them up, opened the door...

 Uschi is out like a shot, barreling down the path.

 But almost immediately U turns around and heads back to
the snow-free patch under the roof.

 Tanji takes a tentative step off of the trail.

 Its pretty deep, chest-high on T.

 Tanji is making a bee-line for the warm, sunny area
around the well-house.

 Vladi is still high and dry on one of the lawn chairs.

 Tanji is grumbling and getting fluffier and fluffier.

 Vladi can't resist, he's walking in Tanji's tracks.

But it doesn't take long before Vladi, like his brothers,
has had enough fun in the chilly snow.

Somebody please rescue meeeeeee!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Snow Day

 We rarely get snow in the valley, much less snow that sticks...

But by 8 a.m., a blanket of snow was covering campus.

 We already had four inches, and it was still falling,
so the university closed early at noon.

Wooo-hoooo, snow day!

 We headed home to find six inches of accumulation...

 Some areas have piled over eight inches.

 All of a sudden we live in a winter wonderland!

 The boys had woken us up well before dawn to make sure
we knew it was snowing, so they were more than ready
to head out and explore.

 How would they take to deep, fluffy, and bitingly cold snow?

Vladi dove in,


Tanji headed out, staying in our foot prints,

Its touching me,

This is pretty deep,

That's enough for me,

I don't think this is too fun,

Meanwhile, Vladi was still having fun,

Uschi dove in,


That's enough for meee,

Super V came plowing through the snow,



Ummm, this is deep.

Who wants dinner ????

Wooooo Hoooooo, I do!!!

It is still snowing and the forecast is for several days below freezing,
 so the snow might stick around for a few days of fun.