Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Inside Cats

 Our week of snow and freezing temperatures was beautiful,
but the boys have developed an aversion to chilly excursions.

 Tanji is lurking in a blanket cave, bathed in filtered sun-light.
He looks a little traumatized by it all.

 Vladi and Uschi are taking turns in the sunbeams.
The house is around 74 degrees, but apparently that is
barely warm enough for these newly minted "inside cats."

 All this heat must be mushing kitty brains, U is nuzzling V.

 Since V is a bit stinky, U can't stop from licking.

 This is MUCH better than being cold outside.

Uschi as the oldest (by at least a few minutes) has made
an executive decision: we are staying in today.


silvia said...

that sooo sweet, U taking care of V!!

silvia said...

dear lav & les,
long time no post, trust you and your boyz & rats are all doing fine!!!
2014 is almost one month old, nevertheless pls let me still wish you all the best!
heartfull blessings,