Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Too Much Snow

Vladi looks calm and poised close up.

But he's stranded on top of the fireball,
surrounded by an acre of chilly snow.

 Come get me...NOW!

 V is tired of waiting.

 A beautiful stretch to the ground.

 Man this is cold!

 I'm outta here!

 V is stunning against the sparkly snow.

 The snow is Vladi-leg deep here.

 He's taking the shortest route to get home.

 V's shadow looks like it has wings.

 There better be a can of fancy feast waiting at home.

Vladi running directly at him caused Uschi to run away
from the house, full speed.

 Now HE'S stuck out in the snow.

 Uschi is scampering home as fast as he can.

 He decides to take a short cut too.

 Oh no, that's a deep patch.

 Uschi rallies and soars above the snow.


This may be the last day the boys fall for the
"snow is fun" ploy, they like warm paws.

1 comment:

silvia said...

priceless!!!!!!! and sooo beautiful, especially if you don't feel the biting cold...