Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Still Snowy

We still have snow and have had snow days at school, so
we have been eager to take the boys out and explore.

We saddled them up, opened the door...

 Uschi is out like a shot, barreling down the path.

 But almost immediately U turns around and heads back to
the snow-free patch under the roof.

 Tanji takes a tentative step off of the trail.

 Its pretty deep, chest-high on T.

 Tanji is making a bee-line for the warm, sunny area
around the well-house.

 Vladi is still high and dry on one of the lawn chairs.

 Tanji is grumbling and getting fluffier and fluffier.

 Vladi can't resist, he's walking in Tanji's tracks.

But it doesn't take long before Vladi, like his brothers,
has had enough fun in the chilly snow.

Somebody please rescue meeeeeee!

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