Sunday, December 31, 2006


Uschi carefully inspects a new kind of toy

Any regular visitors to this blog probably know that Tanj & Uschi are a little "spoiled." Their first Christmas has taken this to a whole new level as they received toys in packages specially labeled and even addressed to them. The boyz have gotten completely different types of toys then they had before. The new toys require careful inspection and trial play before full toy approval is granted...

Uschi's ears go straight up
as a new toy appears...

Hmmmm, this one rolls and makes noise,

a gentle pat indicates his approval!

Uschi guards his new find
because whenever a new toy appears...

Tanj is not far behind!

Uschi gently grips his new ball.

and with a push, "makes it go."

What'cha got Usch?

The boyz discover something fluffy

and Tanj gives it a gentle tap before...


Sometimes the boyz want the "toys"
that aren't meant for them...

Tanj finds a new light-up pen

Uschi likes pens too...

and attacks with a roar!

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Food Spill

The other day after unpacking the boyz food,
we accidently spilled a bunch of their dry food,
while transfering it to an air-tight container.

T & U were right in there helping to clean it up.

Lesley tried to pick-up the bits
but the boyz blocked her progress.


they moved on to some wet food.

We put towels and mats down
under their food bowls because
at least half of their food ends up on the floor
as they lap up the juice first.

Nice tail touching,
but not too close.

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Friday, December 29, 2006


The day-light hours are at their briefest
this time of year in the northern hemisphere,
so it pretty easy to be outside with the boys
as the sun is setting.

Uschi and

Tanji enjoy themselves as the sun settles
behind the coastal mountains.

Soon the sun is gone,

and Tanj gets in a last romp,...

before we head inside as a quiet darkness
falls over the valley.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Uschi's Mylar Bow

One of Uschi's favorite Christmas "gifts" was
a shiny mylar bow.



He sniffed the sticky base,

he gently pulled the strips between his teeth,

he chomped down on the loops,

he appeared concerned
when it tried to get away,

and happy when it came back.

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Wrap-up

"I don't think all of my packages will fit under this tree,...
I've been very good."

The day before Christmas and all our gifts were wrapped
and organized in the window, the Cat Tree Window.

Tanji explored the new items,

and Uschi tested ribbon.

Guys, I think my name is on that one,...

that one right there,...

In the morning Uschi was up early
ready to open his gifts.

Tanji joined in to help.

Mmmm this is good wrapping.

Uschi blends into his "natural surroundings."

While Tanji is golden.

Moooom, I think that is for me.

Christmas 2006 Photo Album

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Post Christmas Collapse

Tanj has had enough holiday cheer!

The family had quite a Christmas, we were all spoiled with gifts, good fortune and health. After opening some gifts, the family headed into the office, as Les and I do everyday. Tanji didn't seem to happy about the trip but Uschi seemed to have a good time. Back home Lesley "FIRMed" and I went for a run, then we cooked up a feast and played with the boys. After dinner Lesley took the boys for a walk in the rain. Soon the entire family collapsed for a nice mid-day "nap."

First, Uschi briefly found himself on me,

While Tanji stared at Lesley.

Hiiii, moooomm.

Soon, Uschi moved to the ottoman,

and Tanji followed,...

and after some licks and nibbles,

the boys spooned and napped.

But Tanji was too restless and Uschi soon moved,

he curled up on the silky smooth sleeping bag,

and Tanji

found his green silk-velvet blanket.

After a good bit of napping
Tanj was ready to go,

he found me now sleeping in the bed,
eventually he gave up on waking me

and curled up himself.

Uschi had already moved to the Catcoon,

and was sleeping on his head.

Eventually, Uschi retreated to higher ground

and moved to the top shelf of the window cat tree.

What a great day we had.

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