Sunday, December 10, 2006

Food Delivery

Uschi inspects the latest food delivery.

We ran low on dry kitten food last week and headed to the local PetCo to stock up. The Nutro packets they like were also on sale so we decided to stock up. Since the boys are now older kittens (10 months!) and their bellies are (usually) more stable, we have decided to add in "adult" meals with enticing names like "Chicken and Brown Rice" and "Pacific Northwest Salmon." We don't eat this well ourselves! We loaded up a cart and were asked repeatedly how many cats we had. The boyz only get two packets each per day (in addition to the dry food), but that goes quickly. When we got home, we were so excited to try one of the new flavors on the boyz. Needless to say, they turned up their noses and walked away. After a few days they have picked their new favorites (anything without fish).

The car's trunk is full of cat food...

A full wheelbarrow of kittie chow.

The new haul is greeted with interest.

Uschi is wondering where his favorite, BEEF, packets are.

Tanj loves his dry foods (and their bags, of course)

Les and Tanj inspect the full kitten pantry.

Where's the beef?!!

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1 comment:

Tanj,Uschi&Vladi said...

They are certainly spoiled,... >;-) We have a ball with them and can not remember life before their arrival.